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High Performance Leadership

The focus of this project is to design and complete a project with well-defined goals, lead a team and be accountable to a guidance committee.


Purpose: The purpose of this project is to apply your leadership and planning knowledge to develop a project plan, organize a guidance committee, and implement your plan with the help of a team.


Overview: Select a project to complete with a team of at least three other members. Form a guidance committee and meet at least five times through the duration of the project. Deliver a 5-to 7-minute speech at a club meeting to introduce your plan and vision. After you implement the plan, deliver a second 5- to 7-minute speech at a club meeting to share your experience developing and completing your plan.


This project includes:

■  Selecting, leading, and completing a project with a team

■  Forming and meeting with a guidance committee at least five times

■  The Guidance Committee Introduction resource

■  The Meeting Agenda resource

■  The Project Plan Overview resource

■  The Project Plan resource

■  The Vision Plan resource

■  The Event Planning Worksheet

■  The 360° Evaluation resource

■  Two 5- to 7-minute speeches

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