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Lead in Any Situation

This project focuses on leadership and recognizing the need to adapt your style based on the situation and the people you lead.


Purpose: The purpose of this project is to apply the skills needed to successfully lead in a volunteer or other organization.


Overview: For at least six months, take on a leadership role in Toastmasters (at any level), within another volunteer organization, or in your career. While serving in your role, ask your peers to complete a 360° evaluation. Present an 8- to 10-minute speech about your experience as a leader. Your speech may be humorous, informational, or any type that appeals to you. The speech is not a report on the content of this project, but a reflection of your experience and/or the impact of the 360° evaluation.


This project includes:

■  Serving in a leadership for a minimum of six months

■  A 360° evaluation

■  An 8- to 10-minute speech

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