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Leading in Difficult Situations

This project focuses on the fundamentals of managing challenges, analyzing difficult situations and identifying best strategies for overcoming adversity.


Purpose: The purpose of this project is to practice strategies for adjusting to unexpected changes to a finalized plan.


Overview: Design and complete a project plan for any event or set of goals. Your plan may be real or hypothetical. Add as many details to your plan as possible for the best success of this project. In a 5- to 7-minute speech at a club meeting, share your plan. Distribute copies of the Plan Disruption Ideas resource to club members and allow them 2 to 3 minutes to discuss possible disruptions to your plan. Listen and present impromptu solutions to the disruptions introduced by club members. The total time to complete this assignment in a club meeting is 15 to 20 minutes.


This project includes:

■  Designing a detailed project plan

■  The Project Plan resource

■  The Project Plan Overview resource

■  The Plan Disruption Ideas resource

■  A 5- to 7-minute speech to share your plan

■  An impromptu speech to present solutions to disruptions

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