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Leading Your Team

This project is designed to help you accomplish a task while leading a small group and give you the opportunity to practice basic skills of leadership.


Purpose: The purpose of this project is to lead a small team to the completion of a project.


Overview: Build a team of two to four people and lead your team to the completion of a project of your design. After you accomplish the project, present a 5- to 7-minute speech about you or your experience leading your team. Your speech may be humorous, informational, or any other format that appeals to you. Your project can be any of the following (coordinate with your vice presidents marketing and public relations):


A club-specific project, such as hosting an open house, organizing a speech contest, or coordinating a membership-building campaign.

A non-Toastmasters specific project that helps the greater good, such as organizing volunteers for a charity, collecting food for community members in need, etc. (Keep in mind that you’re doing this as a private individual and not in the name of Toastmasters.)

A Work-related group or team project.

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