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Manage Online Meetings

This project addresses how to effectively conduct online meetings and webinars, prepare and organize necessary visual aids, and lead with confidence.


Purpose: The purpose of this project is to practice facilitating an online meeting or leading a webinar.


Overview: Conduct a 20- to 25-minute online meeting with fellow Toastmasters or a 20- to 25-minute webinar with visual aids for fellow Toastmasters. You determine the topic of your meeting or webinar. Research and use software that best fits your needs and geographic area. Invite your evaluator to participate in the online meeting or webinar. If you complete your assignment with non-Toastmasters, you must receive approval from the vice president education and invite your evaluator to attend.


This project includes:

■  The Online Meeting Agenda resource

■  The Online Meeting Basics resource

■  Planning and conducting a 20- to 25-minute online meeting or webinar

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