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Planning & Implementing

This project is designed to help you develop realistic plans to meet your objectives and to successfully monitor a project to completion.


Purpose: The purpose of this project is to practice developing a plan and bringing that plan to fruition.


Overview: Select any small-scale project, such as a family party, a short trip, a themed Toastmasters meeting, or any other event or project that requires planning. Develop and implement the plan, with or without help from others. At a club meeting, deliver a 2- to 3-minute report or a 5- to 7-minute speech about your experience. Submit the Project Completion Form to your vice president education to confirm you completed all planning resources.


This project includes:

■  Developing and implementing a plan for a small-scale project

■  The Project Plan resource

■  The Event Planning Worksheet

■  The Project Completion Form

■  A 2- to 3-minute report or 5- to 7-minute speech

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