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Prepare For An Interview

This project addresses the skills you need to identify and speak about personal strengths and present yourself well in an interview of any type.


Purpose: The purpose of this project is to practice the skills needed to present yourself well in an interview.


Overview: Determine which type of interview you would like to practice, such as a job or expert interview. Prepare by reviewing your skills and abilities. Complete the resources in the project and give them to your interviewer before your presentation. You determine which member of your club interviews you, but your interviewer must be someone other than your evaluator. In a 5- to 7-minute role-play presentation at a club meeting, practice answering interview questions to promote your skills, abilities, and experience.


This project includes:

■  The Identifying Your Skills Worksheet

■  The Interviewer Instructions resource

■  A 5- to 7-minute role-play interview at a club meeting

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