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Evaluation & Feedback

This project addresses the skills needed to give and receive feedback. You will learn about giving, receiving and applying feedback.


Purpose: This project comprises three assignments – the delivery of two speeches and an evaluation. The purpose of this project is to present a speech on any topic, receive feedback, and apply the feedback to the second speech.


Overview: Choose any topic for your first 5- to 7-minute speech. After your speech, carefully review your feedback. At a different club meeting, present a second 5- to 7-minute speech in which you incorporate feedback from your first speech. You may choose to present the same speech again or a new speech. Your second speech should reflect some or all of the feedback from your first speech. To complete this project, serve as an evaluator at a club meeting and deliver constructive feedback about another member’s presentation.


This project includes:

■  A 5- to 7-minute speech

■  Another 5 – 7 minute speech that incorporates feedback from the first speech

■  Serving as a speech evaluator

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